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Follow Up On Auto Pilot

Book More Appointments From Your Existing Leads With Team Follow Up

Follow up with your leads faster, more effectively and on auto pilot. The result?

More appointments from the same number of leads while saving you and your clients valuable time.

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How it Works

Meet Team Follow Up 

An all in one service which combines speed with consistency.

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24/7 Follow Up System

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More Appointments

Our holistic appointment setting system means we are able to generate more appointments with the same number of leads, saving you and your clients time on having to do any follow up and ultimately improve client retention due to the increased value provided by your service.

Why Team Follow Up

Take the follow up burden off of your clients and your team


24/7 Team

Our Team of Specialist Appointment Setters Are On Duty 24 Hours A Day To Swiftly Phone Any New Leads Generated

The faster you can phone a lead after they submit their details, the higher the chance of successfully booking an appointment, so making sure someone is available 24/7 to service new leads is vital to maximising appointments booked.

Our 7 Day Intensive Follow Up System

If Our 24/7 Team Are Unable To Reach The Lead When They Are First Received, We Will Put Them Into Our Power Dialler...

When a lead is entered into our power dialler, we will phone them every day, twice a day for 7 days in a row until they pick up.

We also reply to any emails and SMS' received to maximise your number of appointments booked.

Our intensive follow up system means you can rest easy knowing our team are maximising your chances on every lead.

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Custom Setup

Our expert technical team will take care of all configuration between our systems.

We appreciate that every client is different. Our expert team will ensure our systems work in unison and configure our arsenal of automations to free you from all of the the heavy lifting.

Advanced Software Tracking To Generate Reliable Weekly Reports

Our systems are able to automatically pull data from Go High Level and Twilio (our systems for calling) and generate live reports which give us insights into:

Number of Calls Made

Number of Calls Answered

Percentage of Calls Answered

Total Leads Received

Appointments Set

Percentage of Appointments Set

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